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  • Buh-Bye 2016 ...

    I love New Years Eve. I'm a goal setter, a high-achiever and a woman who likes lists and (even more so) crossing items off. So New Years Eve is a time for me self-reflect; praise what I've accomplished, mourn what I did not and self-evaluate my potential, my limits and how I can achieve more in 2017 ... the ultimate goal always being happiness.To me, happiness is not just a state of mind. It is an essence of being. It is the place where I don't feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained or too tired [...]
  • 2 Holiday outfits that are breastfeeding ready for under $69

    Hello Mamas!Breastfeeding during the holidays can be stressful - what to eat or not eat (reminder: NO PEPPERMINT), traveling with baby and the ultimate dilemma: WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?For some Mamas, this can lead to an ultimate meltdown in front of your closet the day before you're ready to leave and visit your in-laws - but not if I can help it!Today I've put together two holiday looks that cost less than $69 and I've made it super easy for you to get the look just in time for the holidays to [...]
  • Let's Talk About Febrile Seizures

    I love being The BreastFeeding Stylist and Creator of Mama's MilkBox - but at the end of the day, I'm also still MOM and today was one of those days where some of my MOM stuff got in the way of my job as The BreastFeeding Stylist (including my toddler breaking our front door). At this time when the seasons are changing and the holidays are adding a hint of excitement in the year, as the year comes to close, I also tend to recap my year to date and remember some of the things that occurred for me [...]
  • Open Letter to my Kids

    I just read, “To celebrate Mothers’ Day, TIME asked influential Moms to write open letters to their children.” For the record, ALL Moms are influential – especially to their children – so as far as I read it, TIME asked Moms to write open letters to their kids. It’s not long, but here’s mine: B&E, […]
  • How many nursing clothes should you have?

    A frequently asked question is, “How many nursing clothes do YOU have?” Makes sense, right? I mean, I would want to know how many breastfeeding clothes the lady who sells them has too. So I’ll start at the beginning. I found nursing clothes when I was about 4 months into breastfeeding my first child (circa early 2012). […]

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