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2 Holiday outfits that are breastfeeding ready for under $69

Elena Petzold

Posted on December 07 2016

Hello Mamas!

Breastfeeding during the holidays can be stressful - what to eat or not eat (reminder: NO PEPPERMINT), traveling with baby and the ultimate dilemma: WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?

For some Mamas, this can lead to an ultimate meltdown in front of your closet the day before you're ready to leave and visit your in-laws - but not if I can help it!

Today I've put together two holiday looks that cost less than $69 and I've made it super easy for you to get the look just in time for the holidays too - I've included links to everything below!

Without further ado, let's plan what you're wearing so we can remove that from your "to-do":
This first look is one of my favorites. I can't help it - I'm partial! It's a Mama's MilkBox Boatneck Nursing Top in Aqua Lake paired with a high waisted midi skirt with pleats, complete with some sparklies from J. Crew. Let's talk more about the pieces and why this outfit makes me jump for joy:

(1) The top - The boatneck top is a part of our Soft Collection and all of our Soft Collection styles are ethically made in the USA. Our fabric is yummy (hence why we call it "The Soft Collection") and our colors are always vibrant and bold - making this a great piece for pairing with nearly anything or even just wearing alone. You can get the top in a Mama's MilkBox or - during this week - in the MilkBox Shop.

(2) The skirt -  I cannot stop recommending this skirt because the quality is great, the fabric is beautiful, it comes in sizes up to 2X, it comes in multiple colors and - are you ready - it's only $19.99!
You can get the skirt on Amazon and it ships for free if you're PRIME.

(3) The bling from J. Crew has been sitting in my closet for a while. I also cannot help myself. I love me some great bling - but the piece was purchased from J. Crew Factory. If you don't already have something shiny in your closet, you can find most pieces between $20-$30 on that website.

My second look centers around the same skirt because you really can't beat a fabulous party skirt for $19.99:
I like to recommend this outfit to our Mamas who are a little self-conscious about their abdominal region because you'll notice the fit of the top is not as tight which means when you're styling it other ways (untucked) you can still feel comfortable in your own skin. (For some Mamas, this may take a few months) This outfit is my favorite midi-skirt paired with our Zeta top. The Zeta top is one of my favorite breastfeeding tops because it has sequins built into the piece and there are hardly any sequin tops in the breastfeeding world. Additionally, if you're the type of Mom that doesn't like necklaces, but likes things that are sparkly - this piece is for you. The cut of the Zeta top is a little more flowy with pleats in the fabric and the nursing access is a center zipper. For this outfit, I've tucked the piece in but you can wear it alone with jeans or even shorts in the summer time making your purchase a good investment into something you can wear now that you'll also want to wear later.

​Breastfeeding in general can be hard. Breastfeeding during the holidays can be especially challenging - but I want you to be successful in reaching your breastfeeding goals. Let's remove the stress of what you'll wear so that you can look good and feel good while trying to remember the 1000 parts you need if you're pumping or struggling with supply or teething.

xo, Elena
The BreastFeeding Stylist and Creator of Mama's MilkBox

PS - Have some fun with your options - if you already own our boatneck in black, pick a midi skirt with COLOR ... or if you don't want black, pair the zeta top with the midi skirt in wine red or navy.

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