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Introducing Mama’s MilkBox

Elena Petzold

Posted on November 17 2014

I was trying to wait until the 1 year anniversary of my business to make the announcement, but I was so excited, I couldn’t hold back and yesterday I announced, on Facebook, about my newest product and service – Mama’s MilkBox.

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Mama’s MilkBox is a clothing subscription service for nursing Moms. Very few Moms have enough time to scour the internet for fashionable nursing apparel and even fewer have the hours necessary to drive to a store and try clothes on. In Pittsburgh, I happily drive to the homes of my clients but I wanted to make the great products I sell available to all the nursing Moms across the US. I mean, shouldn’t everyone have a Maternity Girl in their region?

A Mama’s Milk Box subscription is $49/box and each box comes with a $49 credit to shop. I sell 2 box types: Whole and Skim Milk. A Whole MilkBox comes with 5-7 items and a Skim MilkBox comes with 3-5 items. Upon mailing, you are charged $49 and you have 7 days to try on your items – all in the privacy and comfort of your home. Keep what you like and simply mail back the rest. [Return items must be received within 7 days of your receipt] You will only be charged for the items you keep, less your $49 credit. Shipping to you is FREE.

Some other FAQ are below:

1. Q: When should I sign up for a MilkBox?

A: If you are pregnant with your first baby, I would wait at least 2 weeks to establish breastfeeding and adjust to your new normal. Then, when you realize 2 weeks have past and you’re tired of wearing pajamas, fill out the profile and a stylist will call you soon. If this is your second (or later) baby and you have breastfed in the past and you plan to do the same with your new baby, you can fill out a profile as soon as you decide you want some new clothes. Many vendors design their clothes to be worn during pregnancy and after for nursing. We can ensure you get some new maternity clothes that will also function for your breastfeeding future.

2. Q: Can I buy a MilkBox as a gift?

A: You can! When you fill out the profile, just write in the notes section that this is a gift subscription. If you want it to be a complete surprise, our stylist will call you to talk about what types of clothes your recipient tends to wear. If you want your recipient to receive the full MilkBox experience, we will call you first, just tell us you want them to be a part of the Style Session and then we will proceed to call them directly.

3. Q: What kinds of brands and designers do you carry? How much do each of these things cost?

A: Each MilkBox comes with a variety of brands. This is what our subscribers love most – sometimes because they don’t know where to even look for nursing clothes and other times because they try on a brand they would have never thought of and fall in love. The prices of each of the items in the box varies but it’s roughly $30-$59 for a top and $49-$79 for a dress. You only pay for what you keep and don’t forget – you have a $49/credit with every box!

4. Q: What if I don’t like anything in the box?

A: We pride ourselves on our ability to match our clients with clothes that meet their fashion and daily needs. If you don’t find anything, then expect a phone call from a stylist because we really missed the mark. Outside of that detail, if you don’t like anything, just send it all back and you still retain your $49/credit.

5. Q: Would the credit be applied to my future box?

A: Credits accumulate. You would still be charged $49 for any subsequent boxes, but then you would have a $98 credit for that box.

6. Q: Why is the service every 6 weeks instead of monthly?

A: Mom bodies change very frequently – especially after a baby is born. We felt that a monthly subscription might be too frequent, especially as our clients adjust to their new normals. We also felt that 8 weeks was too long to have to wait for another box – by then some people get bored with their clothes! Hence 6 weeks seemed like the perfect compromise, Goldilocks-style of course.

7. Why don’t you have a “” website? We’re working on it! The logo is in its final stages and the website is a work in progress. The Mom behind it all is just trying to make sure that until those two things are complete, MilkBoxes still make their way out the door (even with a baby on her hip!)

We hope you sign up for a MilkBox today and if you have any questions, please feel free to click on the little envelope above at the top right to contact a team member. We’ll get back to you soon!

I hope you have a good week y’all!


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