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Meet The BreastFeeding Stylist

Hello and welcome to BFS Studio - your destination for cute nursing clothes and great maternity apparel that I couldn't resist making available to the pregnant and nursing Moms of the United States. My name is Elena, aka The BreastFeeding Stylist (also the creator of Mama's MilkBox - a nursing apparel service which was discontinued in November 2017).

When I started my first breastfeeding journey in 2011, I thought it was really hard to find cute nursing clothes. By the time I was ready to breastfeed again in 2014, I realized there were cute nursing clothes - they were just spread out across dozens of websites and multiple countries. I've tried to make it easy for modern day Moms by pulling everything together and because I can't help myself when it comes to shopping, fashion, supporting Moms, and fun, I designed your shopping experience with those aspects in mind too. The ultimate goal of BFS Studio is to:

(1) find and provide the very best in breastfeeding style and

(2) make it easy and fun for Moms to shop!

I've worked with thousands of Moms over the years and through those styling experiences, I've also filled a gap in the breastfeeding world by creating my own designs under the label BFS Studio. BFS Studio creates breastfeeding products in the empty space between what breastfeeding Moms are looking for and what currently exists. 

What you wear and how you feel go hand-in-hand. I feel strongly that Moms can reach great success in their decision to breastfeed when they also have the tools that help including clothes that are both functional and stylish. Being a Mommy means taking care of everyone and everything. Here at BFS Studio, let us take care of you.

Breast regards, 
The BreastFeeding Stylist

Follow my Instagram account for my style/design pics and check out my personal blog where I love sharing stories!

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