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Mission & Company Values

Here at Mama's MilkBox we have one mission: help Mamas feel good about themselves while they are on their breastfeeding journey. This concept was heartfelt for Mama's MilkBox creator - Elena - who realized, "I felt a heck of a lot better about myself and my breastfeeding journey when I didn't sacrifice the way I looked too."

As a subset of our overall mission, we also want to share with you our core values. These principles guide us in our every day lives - how we work, how we interact with our customers, how we interact with our vendors, and more. As we continue to deliver the very best in breastfeeding fashion and a fun shopping experience for Moms, we always remind ourselves of our core values:

We respect each other. We respect our work space. We respect you (Site Users and Customers alike). We respect the earth. We respect the work product that has come before us and that will come after us. We respect the planet in a fashion that leaves it as best as possible for the children we have spent so much time nourishing. (We do a LOT of recycling around here and also create new designs with organic, sustainable & ethical processes and oversight in mind).

Uplift Mamas. All of them. Everywhere. All Moms need more support; a kind word, simple joke, pat on the back, hug, or more - this is within our ability and our job. Whatever we can do to uplift - we're here.

Support breastfeeding Mamas. Each breastfeeding journey is unique but we all share a need to be supported in our journeys so we can feel successful in our personal journeys too. We strive to achieve the highest level of support by providing helpful and factual information as it relates to breastfeeding, kind words in our communication, and fashionable & functional clothing to help you look and feel good.

Create FUN - all people need a little more fun in life - especially Moms! We want to surprise and delight you with our fashion finds and blogging and we strive to develop NEW styles that are modern, functional and beautiful. 

Help our community both near and far. We see any kind of help that we can provide or actions & decisions that we make as a part of a bigger picture that is an investment into our community and the world we live. Locally, we work with the Genesis House of Pittsburgh which provides support and assistance for pregnant and nursing Moms. Beyond the Pittsburgh border, as we develop our private labels, we also choose "Made in the USA" when we can. We have deep pride in our brand and the brands we work with in which the development of product occurs in the USA (from design to sourcing to manufacturing). 

Grow the breastfeeding fashion market and grow our business.


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